Our VIDEO SEO SERIES unlocks the ability to easily create video content on a regular basis that is built to drive traffic to your DSO and practice websites. You’ll increase your online presence, gain SEO results, and become an influencer in your network.
We achieve this by producing a series of videos that allow your team to speak about your DSO’s services, difference makers, practice philosophy, success stories, and other topics potential patients and partners might be searching for. These videos can also feature testimonials that show off how you outshine your competitors.
The best part? We accomplish this in just 1 day of filming at your office.


Take a look at some of the video content we’ve produced for dental professionals.
DSO Recruiting

Pediatric Practice


Patient Testimonial

Practice Overview


Here is a selection of videos we’ve produced for businesses in other industires.





Video is a high impact marketing tool. It’s versatile, it’s powerful, and it’s guaranteed to set you apart.
Here are just some of the reasons video is the right choice for your DSO’s marketing strategy.
Face Time

Video lets you get “face to face” with potential practices and patients to show them exactly who they’ll be working with.

Increase SEO

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines (Brightcove)


Video can be utilized across countless marketing channels. Use it to elevate your website, blog, social media, ads, email campaigns, and beyond.

Deeper Impact

People spend on average 2.6X more time on pages with video than those without (Wistia)


Creating one video is great–but why stop there?
We think bigger, approaching every production with a plan for how we can get multiple pieces of content out of one day of shooting.
Then, you’ll be able to release fresh new content across all of your channels on a consistent basis. Think of it like your DSO’s own streaming series with new episodes dropping on a schedule that fits your marketing strategy.
After producing a series–you’ll have a library of valuable video content that covers a wide range of topics and can continue to be used for different campaigns and scenarios for years to come.
You don’t create a business strategy one day at a time, why create a video campaign one video at a time?
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Custom Image
Single Video
Video Series


We know we’re not the only video company out there, but we’re the right one to partner with for a video series that gets results. Gravity understands not only what one video will do for your business, but the impact a video series will have over time.
Plus, we specialize in creating videos for dental professionals. 
Here are a few more reasons why Gravity is the ideal video partner.

We believe in a proven, polished approach that results in high quality end product. This includes working with only vetted professionals and a review process that ensures top notch content.


Your videos should reflect your personal brand. We work to produce videos that unlock your story and put your difference-makers front and center, showing potential patients what makes you special.


We do everything in our power to maximize your time and budget. This includes a monthly payment structure that lowers the barrier of entry and can fit nicely into your marketing plan.

1. Pre-Production

  • Connect with your project manager whose first job is to work to understand your brand and marketing goals.


  • Utilizing a comprehensive discovery process, we develop a set of interview questions and potential video topics along with a shot list of footage to be filmed.


  • We’ll provide guidelines, best practices, and a schedule for the production day so you’ll know how to prepare and what to expect.


  • This step also includes logistics like scheduling a date and time for a Gravity approved videographer to come to your location and film.

2. Production

  • Our videographer comes to you, anywhere in North America.


  • Production day is divided into 2 parts–interviews and b-roll.


  • Interviews are conducted using the prepared Q&A and topic list and can feature your leaders, team, doctors, dental staff, and/or patients.


  • B-roll includes filming your team in action, your location, equipment, amenities, scenery, or anything else that will help display your DSO’s personality & services while also make the video more engaging.

3. Delivery

  • After the shoot, our editing team gets to work honing quality final products ready for distribution.


  • Each edited video includes name graphics, animated logo with call to action, licensed background music, and other enhancements.


  • You’ll receive a first draft and then up to 3 revisions are included on each video so we can nail your vision and style.


We’re offering a number of packages to help you produce the right video series for your practice.
50% when we book your shoot, 50% when we finish your videos



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