Testimonials have been proven to be the most effective marketing content for companies across all industries.
Capturing real clients results in authentic material that attracts attention and helps grow your business.


Two great ways to capture client testimonials

With Gravity’s roster of vetted videographers located across North America we can film wherever you or your clients are located. 

On-site productions feature expert-level videography including interview sessions with your client(s) along with relevant b-roll that helps to tell your story.


By leveraging sophisticated software and a couple simple pieces of equipment, we can capture high quality content with a simple video chat.

It’s the same great storytelling process and high quality post-production paired with a convenient at-home production for your client.

All your subject needs is a smart phone, we provide the rest and they keep the equipment when we’re done.


Visual proof of how much more impactful video testimonials are than basic text reviews.




The benefits of producing video testimonials are numerous – here are just a few of the most compelling.
Social Trust

When potential clients see that others with a similar need have engaged with your business and found success, they’ll be much more likely to convert.

Human Emotion

By showing a real person with authentic expressions, speaking in their own words about true experiences with your company, their testimony will humanize your brand and forge a deeper connection with viewers.


You might think text testimonials are good enough, but video does so much more. In fact, viewers retain 95% of information from video vs just 10% from text.


Testimonial videos are the ultimate marketing tool. They can be used on websites, social media, blogs, email campaigns, and more.


Remote production comes with a number of advantages over in-person filming.
  • More affordable
  • An easier “yes” from clients
  • Easier to schedule
  • Safe – completely contactless


Learn about the steps we take to produce your testimonial video.
1. Pre-Production

We work to understand the testimonial story and how it relates to your brand and marketing goals. Then, develop questions and topics that generate impactful content through an interview-style shoot. 

We’ll also provide guidelines, best practices, and a production schedule so and your client know how to prep and what to expect.

2. Production

For On-Site Testimonials, one of our vetted videographers will come to your location to film interview footage with your client(s) as well as b-roll footage

For Remote Testimonials, we’ll send an easy to use light and microphone to your client(s), then set up a session to work with them through the setup and interview

3. Post-Production

After shooting is complete, our editing team gets to work on creating a final product that includes the footage that was shot, plus motion graphics that enforce the key message and other editing polish.

You’ll receive a first draft plus up to three revisions on each deliverable to hone a high quality final product.


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