[VIDEO] Quick Hit #1 – How Quarantine Made Us “Camera-Ready”

April 30, 2020

Here is the first in our new series – Quick Hits! We’ll be coming at you every other week with a short video about a topic, trend, analysis, or idea that relates to video marketing or video production. We’re looking forward to sharing these with you and hope everyone is staying well.

Text Version:

As we’re all hunkered down here in quarantine, video chatting has finally arrived as a go-to form of communication. It’s not a new technology, it’s been around for a while, and it’s been predicted in sci-fi movies for a hundred years, but until now it hasn’t really been embraced as an everyday form of talking to each other.

And as a video producer, it occurred to me that millions of people are suddenly getting hours upon hours of on-camera experience. It’s funny to think about it that way, but when you think about a phone call, you can appear however you’d like. You can walk around, make yourself a sandwich, lay out on the couch.

But on a video call, different story. You have to think about sitting up straight, looking at the lens, and using your body language to communicate. You have to think about the technical details as well. Lighting, audio quality, and yeah, how to change your background to whatever it is you feel like.

When all this is over, and you get a chance to do some on-camera work and you’re a little nervous about it – totally understandable. But think back to the quarantine times and how you got all that experience video chatting in front of the camera and maybe it’ll make you feel a little more comfortable.

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