[VIDEO] What is B-Roll?

April 8, 2021

You’ve probably heard the term “b-roll” but do you know exactly what it is? We explain here what this important video tool is and how it’s used.


B-roll is one of those video industry terms that a lot of people know on the surface level but don’t always understand the importance of capturing that extra footage in an interview-focused video.

Having a talking head on screen, like this, is a great way to address your audience, show them who you are and in many cases who they’ll be doing business with, but you’re going to want to show them more.

That might be your location, products, team, examples of your work, or simply some visually engaging content to keep the video interesting. They might get bored looking at your face the whole time, so cut over to something else more compelling…like this guy doing a back flip off a cliff!

This also lets video editors hide jarring cuts. When b-roll is on screen, you can cut together different takes or splice out ums or pauses to make for a cleaner narrative without disturbing the visual flow.

So what is b-roll? It’s a video creator’s best friend when the goal is to craft a well paced and polished video.

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