Maximizing Video Marketing Efforts With Client Testimonials

September 24, 2019

Gravity.Video‘s approach for agencies who want to produce more video content can lead to bigger results for less money, and that’s the video marketing dream!

Agencies want to be creating more video content for their clients, and more video content for themselves. But I say…why not do both? We know that video is a great tool for increasing SEO, capturing new clients, and telling your story. But many have trouble taking that leap into the world of video.

Here at Gravity.Video, we’ve developed a new approach that lets us produce more video content and therefore achieve more results. 

We’ve built a roster of video professionals literally across North America. That means wherever your clients happen to be located, we’ve got a local videographer that can head to their office and film. They’ll sit down with a team member or two and have them speak on camera about their business, product, services, all that good stuff. This becomes an overview video that can increase SEO rankings while telling the company’s story. 

Then we ask them specific questions about working with you, their agency. This becomes a sort of testimonial or case study video about how you’ve helped them achieve results and find success. Testimonial videos are great content marketing tools that help instill confidence in potential clients in a way that text and photos simply can’t.

We’ll also film extensive b-roll footage showing their facilities, work environment, team, anything we can use to spice up the videos. This is versatile content that can be used across many different videos.

The footage all comes back to us and we edit 2 videos – one for your client, and one for you. If we structure the questions just right, we can even produce multiple videos for each of you. 

So 1 short day of video production become a bunch of video content. And, each of those videos is a key sales tool that can help you capture new business. 

Instead of spending your time producing 1-off videos, take this approach and get those video marketing plans off of your to-do list and in front of potential clients. 

And remember, Gravity.Video is here to be your video partner. So send us an email, or use the contact form below and let’s talk about how we can help you produce more videos that bring in new clients and real results. 

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