3 Reasons Why Video Editing Will Always Be Essential

September 1, 2017

With today’s ubiquity of live video – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch are just a few of the platforms enabling users to live stream – it sometimes feels like edited video could go by the wayside.

We know this will never actually come to pass, but we thought we would take a step back to appreciate the benefits of edited video and why it will always be an essential tool.


1. Fix Your Mistakes

While one of the charms of live is that “anything can happen”, you always run the risk of errors, tech problems, and the occasional complete meltdown that can ruin everything. But when you’re editing a final product, you’re able to cover up all those unforeseen missteps.

This includes a variety of issues – technical stuff like bad lighting or audio glitches, inaccurate information, or even just an awkward moment that takes away from your video can all be rectified in post-production. It’s always a wise move to take advantage of the ability to clean up your content in order to maximize quality and impact.


2. Raise Your Production Value (Without Spending a Fortune)

Producing a live stream that looks professional is no simple or inexpensive task. Not only does it take the usual pricey production equipment, you also need extra tech and personnel to get everything looking top notch at all times and keep the stream running.

Plus, once you start broadcasting, that’s it. But with a post-production stage, you’re able to take your time making decisions and adding in elements that bring your video quality up. This includes touch ups as mentioned above, but also things like text graphics, b-roll, music, voiceover, animation, and more. You can shape these enhancements around your raw footage to produce something that fits your brand and goals.


3. Perfect Pacing

There’s a reason why TV hosts are paid so much and why it’s a hard field to break into – it takes a ton of talent to properly steer a live program. If your live stream doesn’t have an experienced host or isn’t well-planned, things can quickly go south.

But when you have the opportunity to cut the footage up, you can build the best possible flow. Hiring an editor means bringing in a pacing expert to engineer and refine your content.  The result is a video that focuses on the important moments while cutting anything non-essential in order to guarantee a smooth and engaging final product.


With all of the tools and platforms to “go live” at our fingertips, streaming as certainly carved its place in the media landscape. But post-production will always be a pillar of video creation as it enables refined content creation that meets every expectation.

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