[VIDEO] Quick Hit #6 – What does a great video editor do?

August 14, 2020

This Quick Hit is all about the importance of great video editing and what skills an experienced editor brings to a project.

Video transcription:

The funny thing about video editing is that great editing isn’t really noticeable. Of course you’ll notice flashy transitions and text flying at your face, but there are a lot of other more subtle techniques and elements that go into great video editing.

For instance, streamlining a video can have a huge impact on quality. A skilled video editor can put together a video that gets to the point, covers the essential topics, then wraps up in a timely fashion. Cutting out rough patches, pauses, anything that slows down the narrative, makes for a more watchable and enjoyable video experience.

Along the way, this can prompt some tough decisions like cutting a segment that is high quality on its own but slows down the overall story. An experienced editor will know when to cut and when to keep.

There’s also some technical factors to consider such as creating clean transitions, color grading, improving audio clarity. When these things are done well, you won’t think twice about them. But when they’re done poorly or not at all, they can hurt or even ruin your video.

Lastly, graphics have become more and more popular with everyone trying to establish their own unique visual identity. Having a video pro with a good eye for how to use motion graphics, even for simple touches like lower thirds and logos, can take your content up a notch. Again, it’s the kind of thing you don’t notice until it’s missing and then you realize the true impact of post-production.

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