[VIDEO] Quick Hit #5 – The Importance of Consistency in Video Marketing

July 30, 2020

In our latest Quick Hit, we discuss why consistency is such an important factor in video marketing.

Video transcription:

An essential factor in any video marketing campaign is consistency. That means a few different things.

First off, you want to commit to a style. If every 10 seconds you have a completely new color scheme or font or visual identity, viewers will have a tough time understanding what your video brand is.

That also goes for committing to a style across videos. If all of your videos share a similar look and feel, and that includes things like music genres, transitions, and again those colors and fonts, you’ll be able to build an audience that is familiar with your video brand and feels comfortable jumping into each new video.

In addition to visual style, it’s also important to think about consistency in terms of the content itself. You want viewers to know what to expect when they click on one of your videos. This helps you curate an audience that appreciates the topics you want to cover, instead of trying something totally new every time and then starting from scratch.

Lastly, a consistent release schedule goes a long way. If viewers know when to expect each new release, they can get into a habit of watching your stuff. But if you, say, put out a bunch of content really quickly and then wait 6 months for the next release, your audience and things like the YouTube and Facebook algorithms can’t get into a groove and your viewership could very well suffer.

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