[VIDEO] How to Script an Animated Explainer Video

February 4, 2021

Ready to produce an animated explainer video but not sure where to start? Our latest Quick Hit walks you through the best way to structure one.


An animated explainer video is one of the absolute best ways to walk people through a new product or service. I want to lay out for you the best way to structure the story of one of these highly effective videos.

The best way to start is with the problem you’re solving with your product. You want to rope people in right away by addressing a pain point that they probably have.

From there, you introduce your solution to that problem. This should happen no more than 30 seconds into the video, even sooner if you can pull it off.

After a high level description of your product, move into things like the value proposition, difference-makers, or proprietary features you offer. If your company is already established, it’s also a good idea to mention success and accomplishments you’ve already reached.

If you have time, some other ideas that can slot in here would be talking about things like who your ideal customers are or what the future of your company looks like.

To wrap things up, it’s always nice when you can revisit the problem you brought up at the very beginning and remind viewers how you solve it, then of course a call to action on how they can take the next step.

All of this should happen in 2 minutes or less, anything much longer puts you in danger of losing people. A good guide as you write a script is 1 minute of voiceover equals about 150-175 words.

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