[VIDEO] Why Video is a Game-Changer for Local Businesses

January 14, 2021

For businesses looking to stand out in your area – video could be the secret weapon that sets you apart from the competition. Watch our latest Quick Hit to learn more


A lot of clients ask me about best practices for videos that are destined for mobile viewing so I wanted to put out some of our top tips for content that people will be watching on their phone.

#1 in big bold letters is keep it short. If you think attention spans are short on desktop, mobile is a whole other level. So, you want to do everything you can to keep those videos as tight as humanly possible

A related tip is to opening your video with an attention grabbing visual. It doesn’t need to be some sort of crazy colorful graphic, but just make sure it’s something unique to your brand and make your target audience want to watch the video.

Next, think about audio and subtitles. Again, due to the way people are usually viewing mobile content, you want to make sure your video works both with and without audio.

The last thing I’ll mention is to consider platform and aspect ratio. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of them handle video a little differently and things like stories have unique aspect ratios so make sure your content fits the platform you’re using whenever possible.


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