Guest Article: Empowering Customers Through Instructional Videos

May 1, 2017


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“Can I actually do this upgrade myself?”

It’s a question we often hear at MacSales.com. And despite the intimidation an average user might feel when installing more memory in an iMac or upgrading their MacBook Pro’s factory HDD to an OWC SSD, the answer is often “yes, you can.”

MacSales.com preaches the DIY philosophy when it comes to extending the life of technology. We actively encourage our customers to take matters into their own hands. And after a sale, we don’t simply end that conversation: “yes, you can … and good luck!” We want to be there every step of the way to empower customers to maximize their investments in technology.

MacSales.com has an incredibly knowledgeable customer support team in place to assist during the upgrade process. But another confidence-boosting asset we provide the DIY crowd is our extensive instructional video library. MacSales.com has hundreds of step-by-step videos to aid Mac owners in their upgrades with nearly 12 million collective views on YouTube alone.

So what can your organization expect to accomplish through instructional videos? Here are some observations we’ve made by offering a comprehensive collection of detailed installation videos

1. Empower Your Audience. Build Confidence.

As mentioned above, we never take for granted that a Mac user is aware that they can upgrade their computer. Through our video library, we’re able to tear down this barrier and definitively answer the question. For example, a Google search of “Mid 2009 Unibody MacBook Pro Hard Drive or SSD Installation” will lead to a MacSales.com video that shows that not only can the upgrade be done, but also that it’s a simple 10-minute process with the correct tools.

Upfront information concerning the possibilities and skill level required – and providing the ability to visualize the process in advance – goes a long way to build the users’ own confidence but also build their confidence in the brand.

2. Getting to Know the Product.

Pictures are an important visual asset. But to truly connect with something, viewers should be able to see it in action. Video allows an unlimited amount of angles that are not realistic through a simple image slideshow. Video also allows for an audible description of what the users are seeing, adding another layer of understanding.

Teaching your audience about the most important aspects of your products will bring a more intimate understanding of the product, create a richer experience, and minimize potential surprises along the way.

3. Bringing Details on Demand.

While the MacSales.com customer service team is on-hand to assist 24/7, the client might not always be in a position to make contact. Video is the ideal on-demand medium that is available whenever it’s needed with no limit to its accessibility. If a MacSales.com customer would like to watch a video a dozen times or go over a specific 5-second clip multiple times before proceeding, they’re free to do so until they reach their desired comfort level.

Instantly being able to access any video on their own schedule 24 hours a day is a huge asset for current and potential customers all across the globe.

4. Give Customers a New Forum.

The benefit to building a video library is not just about the videos themselves. Video hosting services such as Vimeo and YouTube provide a community for users to interact, share their experiences with peers or ask questions. If a customer experiences victories or challenges, there is a great chance that others have had similar encounters and can share insight. An added benefit to video services is the built-in analytic tools, allowing you to measure successes through metrics such as views and clicks.

5. Engage Your Audience. Become a Thought Leader.

It’s not always enough to simply educate your audience. In order to keep your audience engaged, there should also be entertainment value. Through video, you can achieve both goals simultaneously. By checking both boxes, there’s a greater chance you will organically create brand evangelists and that your work will be shared by customers and industry experts.

But perhaps more importantly, a robust video library can help your organization become a thought leader in your industry. People consume more and more video every year, and with the right content in place, they will be spending more and more time with your brand. With the help of a diverse video library, your organization can cement its status as a leading expert.

View MacSales.com‘s entire video collection at YouTube and Vimeo.

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