[VIDEO] Quick Hit #4 – 3 Questions to Help You Start Video Marketing

July 9, 2020

In our latest Quick Hit, we go through 3 questions to help you start planning your video marketing strategy.

Video transcription:

If you’re looking to get into video marketing, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is what type of video to make. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you figure it out.

Question 1: What are you selling?

If it’s a physical product, then video content that shows that product is the best way to go.

But if it’s something like a service or a piece of software, then animation can be a great way to visualize something that can’t really be seen.

If the most important part of your business is your team, then a talking head style video that shows potential customers who they’ll be working with can be an excellent direction.

Question 2: Where will the videos been seen?

If you’re producing content for ads or social media, you’ll want to cut to the chase and be interesting right off the bat.

But if it’s something or more personal, like a video for an email campaign, blog, or community group, it’s ok to be more detailed and deliberate in your approach.

Question 3: What steps do you want viewers to take after they watch your video?

Again, when talking about ads you want to get right to the point, consider things like flashy motion graphics and calls to action with text that push people to act right away.

But if they’re a qualified lead that you’re trying to push through your funnel, they probably have the patience for an animated explainer video or a longer promo.

If the goal is to be more casual and informative, you can be conversational in your tone but be sure to get to the point.

That just scratches the surface when it comes to how you can look at video marketing, but I hope it helps you start to nail down your video direction.

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